After the recent livejournal craziness I am hoping that this will be someplace else to escape to.

I have been through a lot of fandoms over the years. My first real experiences with fan fiction, particularly slash fan fiction, would have to be with the Lord of the Rings. At first I read any LOTR fan fiction, only discovering the slash variety after reading a few filler fictions and MaryJane type romances. I found myself searching out more and more stories with hobbit slash and it was a very short jump from that to reading LOTRPS. My OTP will always be Monaboyd and there is little they can do to convince me there is not some validity to that pairing IRL. Those "boys" love each other. It may have never gotten to a physical level, but the love is there. Next favorite would be Dombilijah. I like my hobbits in piles. Unfortunately, after ten years, girl friends, babies, wives, and just plain old time, the Monaboyd fics have all but dried up.

Next up was Harry Potter slash. Favorite pairing is Harry/Draco but I also love a good Snarry. Never really got into the RPS for HP. Harder to imagine Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton being anything other than good friends and while I can see Snape being gay, I have a harder time imagining Alan Rickman that way. Of course, now that the last book has been out a few years and the final movie is months away, this fandom has slowed down too.

That brings me to my current obsession. Glee. Specifically and almost exclusively Kurt and Blaine or Klaine. I also find myself appreciating Criss/Colfer fics more than I thought I would. Isn't it wonderful to belong to a fandom that is cannon! We don't have to imagine or photoshop what it would be like to see Kurt and Blaine kiss, we have seen it on our televisions! Not that it stops us from wondering what happened next, or what could have happened if, or what will happen years from now.

So that is what brought me here. Too may times of livejournal being down and not being able to read the latest fics or get the latest gossip about my boys.



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